Computational Thinking
To enable the students to showcase their respective learnt programming skills via mini projects,source code contests etc.

To enable better understanding of the topics with the usage of Role Plays, Crossword, Puzzles, Quiz at the conclusion of Lecture etc.

To equip the students with expertise in their subjects,students are encouraged to use visual library, digital library and other Open Source platforms to make the subject easy to understand.Students can utilize E-Tutorials of NPTEL, MOOCs access E-Journals, Video Conference room.

Modern Pedagogy
LCD projectors, SMART BOARD, Document Camera, Wireless Keyboard and mouse, Power Point Laser Presenter, Wireless Presenter, USB wireless pen mouse, Slide Changer, Smart Podium, Wi-Fi enabled laptops are usually employed in classrooms and other student learning environments.

Modern Communication Means
The usage of modern communication means helps both faculty as well as student community with respect to sharing materials. Academic Discussions between faculty members and students using WhatsApp. Faculty members share Academic Study Material using Google Drive.

Learning through Argumentation.
The students are encouraged to join Group Discussions,brainstorming sessions over any technical topic. This learning through Argumentation enables students to have a deep understanding about the topic.

Learning through Games,Analogy,Story Telling
To Make the class more interesting, faculty members use various techniques like teaching a concept via Games, Analogy, Story Telling etc.

Some of the concepts like Computer Security ,deadlocks etc can be taught through scenario based story telling.The keypoints of various subjects can be made to remember by playing Jumbled words.

Learning through Crossover Learning Method
The Club Activities, Team based Assignments, etc help a student to understand the various technical topics at a deeper level.

Learning through Figure It Out
Various Subjects like Programming, computer graphics etc can be taught by giving students some functions or lines of code and ask them to figure it out before actual implementation.

Train The Trainer
The faculty members are encouraged to participate in short term courses, staff development programs and workshops on advanced topics to keep pace with the advanced level of knowledge and skills. Over the past years the faculty members are participating /presenting papers in national/international conferences and publish their articles in national/international journals to enrich their knowledge.