Quality Assessment and Skill Development Center is established to increase the effectiveness of each member in particular and the institution as a whole. With this assurance the center has focused on developing various kinds of assessment tools for all the staff of New Horizon Educational Institutions, to know their potentials. Based on the requirement and the request of each institution, QASDC is offering varieties of training programs for upskilling all the faculties including the supporting staff. The center ensures that all the members of the institution are getting help and support for strengthening their capabilities to empower the student fraternity.


Excellence and engendering development within an Educational system for individual and institutional qualitative progress.


Study of academic capacities for preparing each one for qualitative sustenance and progressing towards adaptability of the ever-changing Educational system.


  • To stimulate result-oriented development.
  • To provide clarity for standards of performa.
  • To provide opportunities for planned self – assessment.
  • To provide continual assistance for professional progress.
  • To create a climate for professional improvement in the individual and for the success of the institution.
  • To create competitive global social environment for the progress of all.


  • To assess the quality of all the members in the Institutions.
  • To provide competence in skills and techniques for qualitative transactions
  • To build the required competent capabilities in each member
  • To nurture the potentials in each member to invent and innovate.
  • To identify the specific areas of interest for capacity building.
  • To Organize Refresher and Orientation program for professional development.


  • Integrity : the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles while assessing and working towards excellence.
  • Confidentiality: protecting the information of the professionals and eventually helping them to progress.
  • Excellence:by identifying the potentials we try to facilitate each individual towards perfection and thereby surpassing ordinary standards.

what is QASDC


Quality is an organization’s guarantee that the service of it meets the accepted standards.


The action or an instance of making a judgment through the process of testing, analyzing for a specific quality.


Quality is an organization’s guarantee that the service of it meets the accepted standards.


Process of developing an individual, turn from beginner to novice, to intermediate, to senior and to an expert.


Place where people are tested, analyzed or assessed in a specific process for quality through discussions, group tasks etc.

The success of any institution lies in its commitment to provide opportunities for self-assessment and its analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

A critical assessment and analysis of the mechanisms and processes related to the functioning of the institution, has to strengthen the capabilities of its members.

This should highlight quality of all and take each one gradually towards self-improvement.

NHQASDC has been established with the main aim and goal of increasing the effectiveness of each member in particular and the institution as a whole. The center has focused on developing assessment tools for all the teaching and non-teaching members of New Horizon Educational Institutions, to know and understand their potential and to organize various kinds of relevant skill development programs.

The center ensures that all the members of New Horizon College of Engineering are provided help and support for strengthening their capabilities to empower the student fraternity at all levels in each department and in various fields.

In specific to New Horizon College of Engineering, the center has devised a variety of assessment tools and training programs in the form of faculty and management development programs, which focus on the overall development of the faculty members of various departments. We invite eminent and seasoned professionals to conduct these programs based on the requirement of each department.

The customization of the subject by the teachers according to the requirement of the class is very impressive. As an add-on, the campus, filled with greenery, provides the perfect environment for the best learning experience.

Pooja N S

Mechanical Engineering
I am happy to share that in our curriculum, Assignments and SSA encourage us to do projects and internship program. Studying in BSH is helping us to learn basics of science and engineering. Environment surrounding college is good which keeps peace and calm for students. Our NHCE campus is ragging free. Teachers are friendly and helpful. Extra-curricular activities remove stress of students. In case of emergency, clinic and ambulances are readily available.

M Vishal Prasad

Civil Engineering
The campus drives us with maximum support. It helps us to take off from the horizon in 00 to 3600 in academic perspective and also in co-curricular activities. The platform to showcase the students’ talents was provided on 27th Feb 2016 which not only was celebrated as ethnic day but also brought the individuals a spark of courage to build up our leadership as well as co-ordination skills. The SSA (Self Study assessments) not only assesses the projects but also encourages each one of us to think different, make things differently and to take things in a different way. The cycle counselors are down to earth – they make students explore the inner person of them and also make them realize who they actually are. The digital library is a place where we learn new things and the discussion rooms are well maintained where students discuss about projects as well as it is a comfortable place to do group studies. We have been allotted with specific mentors who keep track about the particular student’s academic as well as their sports. And these sports facilities provided brings in the maximum support for the student in particular and also train them to be a better sports person in future.

Sneha P

Electronics and Communication Engg.
Acknowledging my first year in New College of Engineering, it has made studying-- AN EXPERIENCE. Apart from the avuncular nature and the supportive behavior of the faculties, the use of digital technology as short presentations for all the subjects makes learning interesting and easier. The college appreciates the academic as well as co-curricular achievements of students through felicitations. Celebrations of important events are an add-on. Altogether, being a part of this college scintillates your way towards a path of opportunities and a bright future.

Antorika Chakraborty

Information Science Engineering
Apart from the fact that the teaching faculty is one of the best in the city, there is also the fact that this place is where there is opportunity for the talented. I am a person who is always looking out to involve myself in things apart from academics, and I experience real support in doing that here. This is the reason why I could attend Summit Manipal, in MIT, a National level MUN. I also avail the hostel facility, even though my parents live in Bangalore, which helps me avoid the traffic problems. Besides, the hostel is a nice place to be and gives me a chance to be more involved with the college. After coming here, I have given a lot of presentations and will participate in a National Level Seminar, which wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Hence I am happy to be a part this esteemed institution which is helping me to bring out the best in me.

Anushma Dubey

Computer Science Engineering
The first year of my college life has been a great experience. NHCE academic wise has a very good, young, dedicated and energetic faculty. The new autonomous syllabus is very intriguing and also focuses on bringing the more innovative side of education. Campus facilities and infrastructure is of high standards. On the extra curriculum side, college has good extra curriculum activities like basketball, table tennis. Sargam (college fest). We also had ethnic day which helped us showcase our talents. Self study assessments have given me the opportunity to approach things in a very practical way and not limit to only the theoretical side of things. I would conclude by saying that I AM HAPPY AND PROUD TO BE A HORIZONITE and it helps me to explore my talents.

Shriya S

Computer Science and Engineering
It started as an experience in first year in New Horizon College of Engineering. Curriculum wise we have some of the best teachers. We have a technically advanced campus consisting of digital libraries which provides us with information on the go. We have a beautiful college campus, the environment makes it an interesting study experience. The self study Assessments which helps me research topics of my own interest. We had an ethnic day where students got the opportunity to take part and showcase their talents. I myself got the chance to host an event. Lastly its feels good to be a part of this reputed educational institution.

Zeeshan Yousuf

Information Science Engineering


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