Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities-Physics

On May 22nd, 2021, We the Department of Basis science and Humanities (Physics) organised a guest talk on “Introduction to Nanoscience and nanotechnology with emphasis on synthesis, characterization and applications”. The guest talk was organised for 1st year engineering students to acquire the knowledge about the basics of nanomaterials, synthesis process and characterization of nanomaterials. We got received the overwhelming response from the students (400 students) to attending this session. The guest talk started with the welcome note followed by speech of our chief guest – Dr. Madhu Chennabasappa- area of expertise cover Battery materials, magnetocaloric materials, neutron and synchrotron diffraction, photocatalytic-photocurrent materials. During the guest talk, he explained “nano particle” and its various synthesis processes. He also elaborated the future of nano technology in variety of applications.He also covered the upcoming development of Nano materials in different aspect. The speech was intended to enrich the students mind with novel ideas of nanomaterials and its basics. The session was informative not only for the students and also for the faculties those who are interested in synthesis of nano material.