Mr. K.V Rajanna and Mrs. Leela Raj

As a parent, my daughter feels that the teaching was done extremely well as she has done well in all her subjects by understanding concepts that she was not familiar with, The teaching faculty have been extremely patient with her and helped her with all her doubts on the same day as the class was taken, due to which she was clear with her concepts and was able to focus  well and do well in  her internal exams were conducted.I am very happy as a parent as this level of patience and co-operation by the faculty was mind blowing. I hope this remains the same in the following years of her study in the institution.

Akshatha Rajanna (Roll : L-46)

Ragu R and Mary Josephine Rani S

We as parents highly appreciate the fact that the college has been a place of learning new things. We're very delighted to know that Jerome is part of the basketball club and math club and we are happy to see him do better in sports as well as academics. We would like to applaud and commend all the efforts of the teaching faculty  in helping my son Jerome through this. We would also request the school to organise more events like Ted talks and talks by subject experts so that they are inspired and motivated. We thank each and everyone of you for all your hardwork and dedication.

Jerome Raj R


I am the parent of Sayanth PV of section L from the BSH department. I would like to inform you that the college is really comfortable for my ward. He has no concerns or issues about the campus , canteen or any other infrastructure. The teaching is also really good. We are happy and satisfied by the services provided by NHCE.

Sayanth PV (Section L)

S A Satish Kumar

The college is good. Neatness is highly maintained in the campus. The environment is peaceful and calm. My daughter says that the faculty is good, encouraging and friendly. They maintain good interaction in the class. The library is also very good compared to other colleges. It has a good collection of books. There are 3 different canteens, which have good and tasty food. The co-curriculum activities are pretty useful to the students. They can develop interest in other fields and get exposure to the outside world.

Md Sagar Khan (BE(EEE)-1st sem)

Saitara Bibi

A very good college. Students are getting chance and opportunities to develop their skills from the first semester itself.

Md Sagar Khan (BE(EEE)-1st sem)



RAKSHITHA.S. (M Section)

Mr. Nagaraj. M.T

New Horizon College of Engineering is a real good institution. The faculty/staff members are very supportive and knowledgeable. They respond positively to everything and are a big support system to the students. Parents are kept informed about the students’ performances in academics and other activities.  Students are given various opportunities to learn new things and increase their knowledge. They are also given opportunities to take part in various events that are held very often. Here, importance is given to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which is also a highly positive aspect. It has a vast and spacious infrastructure. Other than that academic facilities are also good

Ms. Nikitha Nagaraj (section I)

Prince Pal Singh Sethi

As parents we are very much satisfied with the services of the New Horizon College of Engineering.  The college has a very good infrastructure with all the basic amenities and well maintained Labs. The professors are very efficient and dedicated and  have provided their valuable guidance, which reflects in my child's reports. The quality of education, periodic tests and assignments helps my child to grasp more about the course. We are also satisfied with the hostel and canteen facilities. Overall the college is very good and has a great future in coming years. I would like to thank the Principal, Deans of various departments, HOD’s  and professors for providing students the environment in which they can learn, grow, become employable and most important of all be good and responsible citizens of this country.

Amitoj Singh Sethi (O(M.E) I Sem)

Sanjay Kumar Maity

New Horizon College is the best place for engineering students. They are not like every other colleges in Bangalore. The major point I like about this college is that they focus on both practical and theoretical part of the course. Many companies come to this college for recruitment of students. So,  there is no stress and tension for students who seek jobs and placements and they can just focus on their studies. They also encourage students to take part in various club and physical activities to develop their skills. The most important thing about this college is the atmosphere and the way our children are given opportunities to mingle with each other.

Sudipta Maity (Civil(N- section))

Fauzan Sharif

NHCE is an excellent college with very supportive staff and clean campus. The college does not only take cares of studies but also conducts various club activities.