Yoga for Focus and Stress management

Yoga is practiced in the department by an experienced yoga master. Dr. Suma T which helps students for Improved Physical and Mental Health, Effective Brain Development, Enhanced Memory, Better Concentration, Reduced Eye Strain and Headaches, Increased Motivation and Productivity, Better Sleep Quality, Improved Academic Performance, More energy and brighter moods

Scientific foundation for Health

Scientific foundation for Health is very important for all the students to know about health and wellness, to acquire good health & It’s balance for positive mind-set , Build the healthy lifestyles for good health for their better future , to Create of Healthy and caring relationships to meet the requirements of MNC and LPG world , to learn about avoiding risks and harmful habits in their campus and outside the campus for their bright future , to Prevent and fight against harmful diseases for good health through positive mind-set. The course is offered in the department for 1 credit.

Communicative English and Professional Writing Skills

Communicative English in 1st semester and Professional Writing Skills in the 2nd Semester are offered through CLSLL. These courses are offered in order to bring about holistic development of technical students. We often come across students who are good at technical subjects and find it difficult to express the same with clarity. The course material for the two subjects has been designed to address the above challenge among students and also to enable them clear their recruitment process with clear and confident communicative skills. The two subjects are taught in classes not only through lectures but also by encouraging students to participate in Roleplays, Presentations, Podcasts, Chart making, Group Discussions and other activities.

Group Presentations

In this method, few topics related to the applications of concepts learnt in the class and emerging technologies are set aside in favour of class time spent to better connect students and their needs. Outside of class, research the topics assigned using literature, books and the online content. Class time is used by student’s groups to deliver their presentation in groups which emphasizes on communication, team work and problem-solving skills.

Open ended experiments

To inculcate the out of the box thinking methods and to demonstrate them that there are different solutions to the same problem and broaden student horizons, Open ended experiments are offered with multiple possible solutions to a specific problem. This exercise enables the students to express themselves and support their reasoning.

Emerging technology courses

To cope up with the upcoming emerging industrial demands, to meet the upcoming requirements of the industrial revolution, following emerging technology courses are offered to the first year BE students Robotics and Automation, Basic Elements of Electric vehicles, Introduction of Internet of Things, Introduction to Drone Technology Introduction to Cyber Security, Introduction to Nano Technology, Renewable Energy Sources

Activity Based Learning (ABL)

enables students to understand the concepts in a more fun filled way. We use various techniques like Role Plays, Crossword, Puzzles, Quiz etc.

Usage of Rich Multi Media

To equip the students with expertise in their subjects. Students are encouraged to use visual library, digital library and other Open Source platforms to make the subject easy to understand. Students can utilize e-Tutorials of NPTEL, MOOCs, e-Journals and Video Conferencing.

Usage of Modern Pedagogy

LCD projectors, smart boards, document camera, wireless keyboard and mouse, power point laser presenter, wireless presenter, USB wireless pen mouse, slide changer, Wi-Fi enabled laptops are usually employed in classrooms and other student learning environments.

Usage of Modern Communication

The usage of modern communication means helps both faculty as well as student community with respect to sharing materials. Academic discussions are done between faculty members and students using WhatsApp. Faculty members share academic study material using Google drive also.

Train The Trainer

The faculty members are encouraged to participate in short term courses, staff development programs and workshops on advanced topics to keep pace with the advanced level of knowledge and skills. Over the past years the faculty members are participating /presenting papers in national/international conferences and publishing their articles in national/international journals to enrich their knowledge.

Class Committee Meetings.

A class committee includes 5-6 students, class teacher, mentors, subject teachers and HOD. Monthly meetings are conducted, which enable to understand the difficulties faced by students.  The required guidance and help will be provided for the students.

Induction Program.

Transition from school to college life is one of the most challenging events in a students’ life. When students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. They come into a new unfamiliar environment, and many of them have little knowledge of about the institution. Student Induction program is designed to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them for their new role.