Digital Distraction and Stress Management

In the fast-paced digital age, the pervasive influence of technology has significantly impacted the lives of teenagers. The increasing prevalence of digital devices and online platforms has raised concerns about the implications of excessive screen time and the subsequent psychological effects, particularly the surge in stress levels among adolescents. In order to create awareness about the influence of digital devices, a guest talk on “Digital Distraction and Stress Management” was organized by the Department of Applied Sciences and Department of Counselling for BE, BBA, B.Com students and student counsellors. The resource person was Dr Padmakshi Lokesh.

The main objectives of the session are to:

  • Create awareness about digital distraction
  • Identify the factors that contribute to digital distraction among teenagers
  • Educate about the impact of excessive screen time and distractions on teenager
  • Explore the psychological consequences of digital distraction
  • Equip students with the strategies to manage digital distraction

The resource person began by highlighting the multifaceted nature of digital distraction and outlined its detrimental effects on teenagers’ cognitive, emotional, and social well-being. She emphasized that the current teenagers or Gen Z’s are constantly connected to their devices, which can lead to several negative consequences such as reduced academic performance, impaired social skills, sleep disturbances and other mental health issues because of the constant pressure of online interactions and comparisons on social media which can contribute to anxiety and depression.


The guest talk served as a platform for raising awareness about the escalating prevalence of digital distraction among teenagers and the pivotal role of stress management in promoting their overall well-being. The insights shared by the resource person emphasized the significance of implementing an approach that combines digital awareness, responsible usage, and effective stress management strategies to foster a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for adolescents in the digital era.

The event was a success, fostering awareness and equipping the students with the knowledge and tools needed to address these critical issues. The resource person’s expertise and engaging presentation style contributed to a productive and informative session.