FDP on X-ray diffraction data analysis

A one day FDP programme on X-ray diffraction data analysis was held at Department of Basic science and humanities under the aegis of Quality Assurance and Skills Development Centre, NHCE on 11.08.2018 from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m. Resource Person: Dr. Daruka Prasad, Professor, Dept. of Physics, BMSIT, Bengaluru. The emerging field of Material science and Nanotechnology is incomplete without the structural characterization of the materials with special reference to the XRD. The phase, crystallite size, the formation of the nanomaterial etc., is realized through XRD. The FDP provided the faculty of the Physics and Chemistry departments a vertical skill set in the X-ray data analysis.The session commenced with the introduction to X ray diffraction. Furthermore faculty members had hands on experience of JCPDS matching with the raw data using Crystallographica software, which was followed by Rietvield refinement of XRD data using Full Prof suite software which was preloaded in the faculty laptops. The hands on experience are of great benefit for the participants as the topics matched with the current working domain. Participants were enlightened with the data analysis methodologies in this domain.