Genesis club celebrated Ozone day

Ozone day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm among students. On this day, Activities were organized by the Basic Sciences and Humanities Club, Genesis, that had everyone in their foot heels. All the students eagerly participated in the events organized by the club members. Making it a huge success.

The day’s main intention was to spread awareness regarding the depletion of the Ozone layer and search for solutions to preserve it. The BSH members made an effort to make everyone aware of the present situation regarding the climatic changes and their adverse effects, and the students actively participated in all the events. The events organized helped the students understand the importance of being eco-friendly.



Painting and Poetry Writing Competition was organized on the theme of ‘One Earth, One Ozone’. “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – to everyone who lives by this rule a painting competition was held so that the students could put forth their thoughts in the form of colours.” Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” Many budding poets were given an opportunity to put the ideas into words on the topic “Earth” and “Ozone” . The paintings and poems made by the students were judged by the life skills department teachers and certificates were awarded to the winners. Win or Lose it was the enthusiasm in the students that mattered.


“A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture it should be a philosophy.” Keeping this in mind, The Genesis club had organized a photography competition on the college campus. Our hunt for photographs that are striking, well-crafted and of exceptional quality. Successful images will communicate a visual narrative through excellent technical and creative skills. The photography competition aimed to uncover images that show the world around us and to give the opportunity to photographers whose work might otherwise never be seen. The event had a large number of participants. The event was carried on in a format of 3 rounds. Each round increases the difficulty level of the competition. The event was a huge success due to the cooperation of the participants.


“If Keep Your Area Clean, Whole Indian Automatically Become Clean & Green”. A small initiative by the Genesis club to spread the ideology of cleanliness. A cleanliness drive, in our college campus, to spread awareness among students regarding the importance of waste segregation and a cleaner surrounding. On the account of Ozone day, all the college students joined hands to clean up our campus and also spread awareness to everyone. Clean up becomes fun when we all join hands. All the events were a huge success and were enjoyed by everyone.