Genesis club organized CHIT CHAT WITH SENIORS

An event was organized on 11th of march 2019 for chemistry cycle and 15th of march 2019 for physics cycle in the auditorium. It was organized by Genesis and Math Horizon clubs under the initiation of Help Me Buddy .It was an informal interaction based on how first year students can make their engineering lives successful. We had invited six seniors in total to share the knowledge that they’ve gained in the years they’ve spent in NHCE. We had also invited one faculty from the dept. of HRD to guide us.

We also had an instrumental session. It was an own composition from the students of first year. All the teachers and the students loved the performance. We had lots to take away from this interaction. The seniors not only shared their views on how we should go about engineering in these four years and what all must be done in order to become a successful engineer.

Overall the session with the seniors and the juniors was not only beneficial for both but was also a fun interaction. The seniors appreciated the concept of this interaction under help me buddy which will help bridge the gap between seniors and juniors.