Math Horizon club celebrated Engineer’s Day, 18th Sept 2019

Basic Science and Humanities saw a very ardor filled day on the 18th of September when all of BSH came  forward to celebrate Engineer’s Day in honor of the birth anniversary of Sir M Vishveshwarya. Many fervent participants actively participated in the various activities organized by the Math Horizon club.

Events of the Days

1. Deciphering:

One of the first activity for the day, it was appreciated by many for its mind boggling riddles and puzzles. The murder mystery where the finalists were divided into two groups and were asked to find the murderer was best loved. Eureka moments, tangled thoughts and anxious minutes brought the much rated flavor to program. It was a major hit among people who had a knack for puzzles!

2. Tech Charades

“Dumbchardes with technical words” it was a perfect mix of fun and chaos! Participants animatedly took part in the activity. They were divided in groups of three and traversed through three rounds where only half the number of participants went into the next round. The rounds had interesting twists and turns to them which added to the stimulation of the contestants. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the air when the participants shouted out their answers and although there were few broken smiles the dynamic partaking of students made the activity a big hit!

3. Drop the Mic:

The final activity of the day, it was for all the extraordinary orators out there. With many brilliant orators participating in the activity, the judges were left confused about who to declare the winner. Perceptibly ‘Engineer’ being the topic many came out to talk, vent or perform comedy on it. It was loved by many for its topic where many got an opportunity to voice out their thoughts on engineering.

All in all, the day was a massive success with each activity bringing along with it a different flavor. From testing the engineer’s analytical skills to performing comedy it had all the fun and learning. The smiles at the end of the day said it all!