Venue:  NHCE

Date: 12th January 2023 – Guest Talk

12th January 2023 – Portrait Sketching Competition

13th January 2023 – Banner Presentation Competition

13th January 2023 – Tug Of War Tournament

Time: Guest Talk – 3pm to 4pm

Portrait Sketching Competition – 11am

Banner Presentation Competition – 12:30pm

Tug Of War Tournament – 12:30pm

Faculty Coordinators:

Ms. Rashi Kubnani

Ms. Poornima GS

Dr. K Dhanalakshmi

Ms. Tarunika Sharma

Student Coordinators:

Banner Presentation Competition-

M Chethana – 22DS111 – 1st Sem – Section M (Secretary)

Aadiseshan S – 22IS003 – 1st Sem – Section O (Secretary)

Tug Of War Tournament-

Sri Likitha Nannuri– 22DS105 – 1st Sem – Section M (Board Member)

Akshaj Gupta– 22IS008 – 1st Sem – Section O (Board Member)

Total Number of Internal Participants: 500

Total Number of External Participants: 0

Event Poster Weblink in NHCE Website: 

Targeted Audience: Students from all B.E Courses in 1st year

 Description of the Event:

 The Math Horizon and Genesis Clubs organised a series of events on account of National Youth Day. Starting a day prior to the nationally acclaimed event, all the students prepared a colour code for the next 3 days. 11th January observed peace and tranquillity in the form of a white colour code. All the students of 1st Year, B.E enthusiastically participated by showing up dressed in white. The following days observed blue and green, symbolising inspiration and youth respectively. The dress code for 12th January was blue and 13th January was green.

A portrait sketching competition of Swami Vivekananda was also held on the 12th of January 2023. All classes displayed various artistically, and skilfully made portraits of Swami Vivekananda on this auspicious day.

The winners are:

1st Prize- Shreya R Varur (P51)

2nd Prize- Yashas M Shetty (D61)

3rd Prize- Aadiseshan (O3)

A guest talk was also conducted on the same day, 12th January, by Mr. Pramod NG on the account of National Youth Day. Being held in the main auditorium from 3pm to 4pm, there were 400 students present for the lecture. The students were enlightened about the great life of one of India’s best visionaries, Sri Swami Vivekananda, and his teachings towards the modern younger generations. Filled with entertaining information, the students were enthusiastic to learn about Swami Vivekananda and his significant contributions towards the youth of our nation.

On the 13th of January 2023, National Youth Day was observed in college with exciting activities as well as competitions such as a banner presentation competition was held for the students to bring awareness to this day and its significance.

Classes were enthusiastic and prepared detailed and entertaining banners that brought light to serious topics such as drug abuse, mental illnesses, sexual harassment, environmental issues, corruption, illiteracy, poverty, and pollution. Each class put their heads together to come up with unique ideas for the banners and take pictures with them within the campus.

The winners are:

1st Prize- Section I

2nd Prize- Section Q

Last but not the least, a Tug Of War Tournament was held on the 13th January 2023 for the 1st year students, leading to a day well spent in the sun and enjoying activities that allowed for the spirit of youth to blossom amidst young and creative minds.

National Youth Day 2023 was spent paying homage to Sri Swami Vivekananda’s ideologies and keeping alive the spirit he aimed to imbibe on this joyous and inspiring day.