Shark tank-CIED

Shark Tank was about awakening the bright entrepreneurs from the crowd.

We gave every student an opportunity to present an idea that they think could make it to the market. It was also about the way they presented and how they responded to the questions asked. They had to display their sales skills and whether their idea had any benefit for the future or so. Their uniqueness and content was tested too. We are very thankful to our judges Ms.Megha Shukla and Dr. Bodhisatvan and Mr. Dev Ranjan.

Extreme Gratitude To Dr. Bodhisatvan, We cannot be more grateful to not only get a chance to listen to him speak about entrepreneurship to all the students but also be a judge for the round 2, he had surely brought the event to it’s limelight. His Questioning and Marking, certainly made it feel like we were in a Real Shark Tank.

The 3rd Place was given to Chirag S and 2nd Place to Gagan P. and the 1st Place to Abishek Bedant S.