Webinar On “Nanotechnology in Engineering Applications”

Department: Department of Basis science and Humanities-Physics
Date: 15.07.2020
Time: 11.00 am To: 12.30 pm

On July 15th, 2020, The Department of Basis science and Humanities (Physics) and the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering jointly organised a Webinar on “Nanotechnology in Engineering Applications”. The webinar was targeted for 1st year engineering students to bring an awareness on the development in the field of nanotechnology and how it can be incorporated in their engineering field on various applications. We were indeed happy to see 175 students (approx) attending this session. Pre registration has been done through the Google forms.The webinar started with the welcome note followed by speech of our chief guest and key note speaker – Dr. KishorRewatkar. Dr. Rewatkar’s area of expertise cover Ferrites, Crystallography, Material science and Spectroscopy. He has also guided more than 20 Ph.D students. During the webinar, he explained “nano particle” and its various synthesis processes. He also elaborated the future of nano technology in variety of applications in Medicine, Instrumentation. He also covered the upcoming development of Meta materials in different aspect. Indeed it was a thought provoking session not only for the students but also for the faculty members. Students were focused on the speech until the end of session. At the end, they posed their queries to the speaker and got it clarified.The session was absolutely a knowledge sharing platform for the students. The participants were enriched with the novel ideas of nano technology and its applications.We received a very good feedback from the students. Most of them were working from home and had challenges connecting with the internet. So they requested to organise more webinars in future with improvised networking tools.